Friday, March 4, 2016

When Research Becomes a Problem

I have a research problem. I love it. I love reading about things, watching documentaries, sometimes even talking to people about a thing. I love getting as many different takes on what I'm researching before I put pen to paper, and sometimes I can lose myself in it. 

This isn't necessarily bad in and of itself, but it can get problematic when you get so caught up in the research that you don't actually get to the writing/creating. Which is a problem I've had.

My senior project in college was supposed to be the rough draft of an historical fantasy novel inspired by my time in Ireland and the research I'd done. It never happened. I got so caught up in trying to make everything as historically accurate as I could that I lost the excitement of the project and changed what I was doing. I'm now working on a steampunk-esque story and trying to avoid that problem by limiting the amount of research I'm doing for this draft (and reminding myself it is a fantasy, so I have a bit of leeway).

But that didn't stop me from spending all day today researching things instead of remembering to write my blog post! So, if you're like me and enjoy learning things, beware the research!

Emily just really enjoys random factoids and can easily get sidetracked into a whole vein of research she didn't actually intend to follow. She's not even sorry.


  1. I have to limit my research, or I'll be lost for days. I gave up on using real cities, as one of my favorite tools was tootling around cities in Google Street View.

    By the way, I really enjoyed Kitsune Tales. In two short stories, you created a compelling character arc. I am intrigued to follow Yuri's personal trajectory.

    1. I agree. Research is a blast, but spending too much time on it is a great way to lose valuable writing time.