Friday, February 5, 2016

Way Back in Days of Old

Hey guys, guess what? That's right! I've re-discovered a love of something and have been slightly obsessed! What is it this time? The ABC musical comedy, Galavant. The second season just wrapped up and I might have been listening to the soundtrack since we watched the finale.

Now, I have to admit that I love satire/parody (when it's done well), fantasy, and musicals, so this show kind of played to all of my likes. The general gist is Galavant, a daring knight with a huge reputation of daring-do, must rescue his true love. Of course, things don't go as planned and shenanigans ensue. If you're more spoiler-curious, you can read the plot summary for both seasons on Wikipedia, or watch the opening number from season one (complete with sing-along lyrics).

Alan Menken (who wrote the score for Tangled, Enchanted, and other Disney movies, as well as musicals like Little Shop of Horror) and Glenn Slater (lyricist for the stage production of The Little Mermaid) wrote the songs, and the actors pull them off wonderfully. Plus, it's really entertaining watching Timothy Omundson go from straight-laced Detective Lassiter on Psych to goofy, not-quite-grown-up King Richard in Galavant. Because, you know, reasons.

Anyway, one of my favorite things about this show is how it plays with fantasy tropes and points them out as kind of ridiculous. I mean, in the opening number for season one, they call the hero "a fairy-tale cliche." And that's just the beginning. In season two, there's a whole plot line involving a sword in the stone parody. Throughout both seasons there are multiple references to minorities in fantasy--including an entire song about our fantastic squire being Jewish (and Black, but that's not referenced in the song). Plus, there are constant breaks of the fourth wall (which are always entertaining to me), a dragon that may or may not actually be a dragon, anachronisms everywhere, and some really spot-on singing.

For a full list of the entertaining trope-y things Galavant does, check out its page on TV Tropes. Seriously, there's some really fun stuff here.

Emily is kind of a sucker of musicals, especially if they're also parodying things and include some kick-butt guest stars. She's also learned that musical soundtracks are not the best background noise to make her want to write, as she tends to try and sing along instead. Last but not least, she super-believes in Tad Cooper. Which you would understand if you watched Galavant season two.

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