Friday, February 12, 2016

The Joy of Commissions

I love supporting other artists, even though I can't do it as often as I'd like. I've dreamed of getting a commission of some of my characters for ages now, but most of the artists I would ask to do so were far out of my price range, and I'm not the kind of person who's going to ask an artist to lower their price for me (because I know the amount of work that goes into a piece, and that's just not fair). But earlier this week, one of the artists on Tumblr I love opened for cheap, limited commissions. I jumped on it.

And I am so in love with the result. There's something so cool about seeing a character you've only previously written rendered in a visual form. It's like suddenly they're actually a thing outside of your own head. Actually real instead of just make-believe. And, if you're like me and get kind of obsessed with your own characters, it's a great thing to have when you're feeling stuck on a story--you can go look at the pretty art someone else made of your characters and swoon just a little before getting back to work.

Basically, the moral of this rambling, slightly-braggy story is that if you have the desire and at all can, you should totally support amazing artists and buy commissions from them. Not only are you getting some sweet artwork to nerd out about, you're also helping the artist work toward their dreams or, you know, feed themselves. Which is always a good feeling. Just remember to be nice and give the artist as much information about your character as you can, and don't be a jerkface or a client from hell. Pay them on time! And thank them for their work!

Yay art!

Emily has a long list of people she'd love to commission artwork from, when she's rich and famous. And a long list of characters waiting to be drawn. Because of course she does.

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