Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Really? Two Years?

Two years ago, when we sat down and bought our domain, set up the RSS feed, and recorded our first three episodes, our goal was to stick it out for one year. Then we'd see where we sat and go for it for another year or cut and run. Another year after that, here we are.

You know what? I'm excited for what's coming! We're teaching workshops at a con this year, sitting in on panels, and taking a ROAD TRIP to WorldCon in Kansas City this August. All as individuals and a team.

This thing is going strong. We're putting together a lot of great content, gathering ideas, and making plans for new projects.

Like Michelle said on Monday, it's kind of surprising how far we've come. And that it's such an important part of our lives. If you had asked any of us two years ago what it would be like in two years, the most optimistic answer we could've given would be "I don't know."

Right now, that's kind of the best answer I can give about the next two years. We're nailing down some plans, but we're not going anywhere. When I say I don't know what the next two years will bring, that doesn't mean we're not planning. But I'm pretty certain we'll be here in two more years.

Thanks for staying with us and helping us grow.

Giles is astounded that two years have already passed, but he's excited for what's coming up.

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  1. Kansas City! I'll have to show up and meet you guys! :)