Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sudden Success?

You know, it's funny how I keep coming back to the challenges I'm facing this year. I'm thinking a lot about how I'm going to pursue the goals I've set for myself. Trying to figure out my book-reading goal, I started out by going to the library (great place to start, right?). Then I got a new book to read for review. Not something I'm going to make a habit of, but it's a book by an author we're interviewing, and I've been excited about the concept ever since I found out about it (but that's another post, for sure).

Long story short, I got the review copy yesterday, I'm already 35% of the way through it (which is surprising to me because I don't read very quickly). Then at the library, two of the books I'd put on hold came it. I picked up an audio book and AFTERMATH by Chuck Wendig. Needless to say, I have to finish the book I'm already reading before the weekend (because the interview is in three days), and then jump RIGHT in to this new Star Wars book. Because I won't be able renew it.

So I guess I'm getting a fantastic start to my reading challenge for the year. I set out to read 24 books this year, and by the end of January, I'll already have three finished. Yes, Michelle can read SO many books in the same amount of time it takes me to read one, but she's not a video game enthusiast like I am.

Giles had a very long day and has much more to accomplish this evening. It's exciting and terrifying all at once.

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