Friday, January 29, 2016

Not as Different as You Think

Last Sunday, I joined Giles, his wife the Other Emily, and another of our friends to watch the Broncos game. You might be wondering why I'm bringing this up, since this is a nerd blog and I'm probably the least sporty of all three of our co-hosts. I promise it has a point:

Sports people are just as weird as nerds.

Hear me out. They paint their faces with their team colors. We can spend hours getting makeup just right for a cosplay. They cheer like crazy when their team does something awesome. We scream our heads off when our favorite authors or actors take the stage. They defend their favorite players to the death. We ship our favorite characters like nobody's business (seriously, "shipping wars" is a term for a reason).

I'll admit, instead of watching the last few minutes of the game, I was totally watching the fans around me. As the clock ran down, the entire bar started chanting "Super bowl! Super bowl!" and I just laughed. It was kind of like nerds freaking out about a favorite celebrity coming to a local comic con.

Basically, everyone's got a thing (or several) that they get really excited about. Whether that's sports or comics or creating new characters or a TV show doesn't matter. What's important is that we're all fans of something, and that's kind of beautiful in a way.

We're all fans of something, and it's about time we realized that and stopped hating on other groups because they enjoy other things--whether that's sports or geekery. The passion and the desire to show off your favorite things through cosplay or team-colored body paint is the same awesome thing, just in different areas.

Emily has never really been into sports. She played volleyball in middle school and that's about it. But she's always been a nerd. And she's totally okay with this fact.

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