Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Projects, I Guess

Everyone's starting new projects, I guess. Michelle, as she said on Monday, started a new book. Emily is writing short stories like there's a global shortage (and doing a very good job!), so it seems only right that I should be working on something, too.

Well, my new project is actually an old project. It's the novel that I've been querying for a while (except last year where I queried, maybe, twice?). It took me some time and distance from the emotional slump that is my writing life, along with other projects (non-writing), school, and a promotion at my day job to get me back into my groove. People talk about how being in a "rut" is bad... well, I like my rut. It keeps me on track. I'm back in it, now (kind of).

I'm writing a new query letter while my critique group goes over the two short stories I've written in the last month. I'd started a third story, but the writing of that project got interrupted, and I'm not sure if I want to go back to it. I definitely won't make time before returning to the novel I'm getting ready to rewrite and revise. Which is actually the NEWEST of my new projects. I need a NEW BEGINNING to this book. Or an actual beginning, as it were.

New projects are fantastic because, often, they mean we've completed other projects. I'm excited to be querying again (once I finish this query letter), and I'm even more excited to jump into my book. Short stories are fun to write, but with my day job, Beyond the Trope, and the emphasis I'm putting on my marriage (which is better than ever!), I've chosen to keep short stories to a between-drafts project. That means when I need some time and space between me and a novel I'm working on, I'll jump into the shorts. Otherwise, it's laser-focus on novels and querying when I sit down to write.

Do you have any new projects you're excited about? What gets you excited?

Giles is querying, which is good, and he's writing a sci-fi novel for young adults, which is better.

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