Friday, January 22, 2016

Documentary Time

When was the last time you watched a documentary? And I don't mean slept through one in class. If you're like Michelle and can't get through a nonfiction book, documentaries are great. They're also great if you're just a giant nerd like me.

Watching documentaries has given me a handful of character and plot ideas, and unexpected ways to flesh out my worlds. I once created a tattoo artist character inspired by watching a history of various tattooing techniques, despite the fact that I cringe at the very idea of getting inked myself. I've taken details from documentaries on prohibition or medieval life to utilize in a story at some future time.

And I would recommend watching documentaries on subjects that might not directly relate to your interests or the story you want to write. You never know what might pop up at you as a fantastic new idea, or a new area you want to study.

The obvious warning goes here: be aware that not all documentaries are completely factual. Use them as a starting point for more research, to spark ideas, not necessarily as the end point of your research. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy them!

Emily might have been watching H2 (the history channel replacement that actually shows history-related things) last night. She can neither confirm nor deny this, but the show was fascinating.

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