Wednesday, November 11, 2015


This week's episode of listener emails is probably one of my favorite episodes of any podcast I've ever listened to, watched, or recorded. Not because I'm in it, but because it inspired me!

Yes, the episode is only 25 minutes long, but it's a conversation! There are conversations that my co-hosts and I had, conversations that our listeners participated in, and because of those emails, conversations BETWEEN us!

It's exciting to me. Inspired thought, whether part of a deep topic or something "shallow", is something I enjoy. I'll talk for hours with my friends about books, movies, video games, RPGs, story, philosophy, morality, and a number of other topics. And I love it!

This engagement between humans is something that separates us from the animals. Complex thought, the ability and desire to communicate multi-faceted ideas, make us HUMAN, and the fact that I'm part of that makes me want to write, to record, to sing and dance (not as pretty as you might guess), and then join in conversation AGAIN.

Let's have conversations. Join in, either in the comments, or by emailing us. And if you don't want to talk to us, then enjoy a great book. Because by "listening" to the ideas of a writer, you're engaging in their conversation because you can't HELP but react when reading something amazing.

Seriously, go read! And tell us what you think we should read.

Despite getting a new video game yesterday, Giles actually made time to read a few chapters of THE AERONAUT'S WINDLASS by Jim Butcher. He even surpassed his daily writing goal AND wrote this blog post. Because he's THAT excited about awesome conversations!

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