Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Book Review: Vampire Vic 2: Morbius Reborn by Harris Gray

Part two of the Vampire Vic trilogy caught me by surprise. In a great way!

The first book ends with good story closure, and this book picks up only a few weeks later with Vic coming out of a treatment center where he's been trying to get a "cure" for his vampirism. Throughout the story, he struggles with his desire to be a good person and his need to have solid relationships that seemed to be going better when he was a cold-blooded bloodsucker.

The ups and downs in the storyline, combined with the tension of character growth, made this a real page-turner. The characters are moving about in a world that feels real, living dynamic lives that make the reader wonder who's the good guy and who's the bad guy (though some of them are CLEARLY bad).

Over all, Harris Gray brought me to the end of the second part of their trilogy with a solid desire to find out what happens next. Which is annoying because the third book isn't finished, yet. I guess I'll have to wait for it.

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  1. Giles, thank you for the read, and the great review! We are very glad you are enjoying the series. If you and the Beyonders are open Thursday night Nov 19, we are doing Nerd Nite at the Oriental Theater in Denver. Nerd Nite is a blast, a great mix of entertainment and information (and alcohol). It would be great to see you there.