Monday, October 19, 2015

Lies Writers Tell Themselves

Writers might be professional dealers of BS, but readers aren't the only one who end up believing in fairy tales. Here are a few lies writers tell themselves...and the truths they probably need to believe instead.

Lies Writers Tell Themselves:

  1. I will totally write 1,000 words after I watch an episode of [insert TV show here].
  2. This. Is. Gold.
  3. I am never, ever, ever going to finish this manuscript.
  4. It’s so perfect I don’t even need an editor!
  5. This. Is. Crap.
  6. Agents and editors are scary.
  7. I’m the only one who needs to understand what I mean.
  8. Just one more round of edits and it’s done.
  9. My computer will never crash while I’m writing the final chapter.
  10. I’m going to be rich and famous!

Truths Writers Should Tell Themselves:

  1. If I watch more than one episode, chances are I’ve given up on writing for today.
  2. My critique group is going to have fun with these pages.
  3. Maybe I should start writing according to a word count calendar.
  4. I need an editor. Two editors. ALL THE EDITORS.
  5. I need encouragement, a walk, chocolate, and a puppy. Also, my critique group is going to have fun with these pages.
  6. Agents and editors are people.
  7. If this confused people, I should rewrite it.
  8. If all I do is edit, I’ll never move forward.
  9. Backup. Backup. Backup.
  10. I’m going to make enough money to buy a movie ticket once a year!

Michelle is sick, and this tiny post is the best her addled, exhausted brain could come up with today. 

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