Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Writing Basics

I think I really enjoyed this series of writing basics so much because it's always fun to go back to my roots. We still have a couple weeks left in the series, but recording the episodes gave me a new perspective on my own writing.

More than that, we've had a few people write or tweet us that the advice is helping them take a fresh approach to their projects.

The basics are often swept under the rug or ignored by those of us who have been writing for longer than a couple of years. We build a foundation, then start adding walls and a roof to this metaphorical house that is our writing ability. As we move forward, we start throwing in all kinds of fancy little features that go a long way toward making our writing something special, fun, and enjoyable to read.

But as time goes by, the foundation can wear away. Little cracks form. All of the features turn into coverups for problems that we may not even know are there because who pays attention to the foundation as long as it's doing a serviceable job?

So rather than boring you with a long blog post, I'm going to recommend that you go examine your basics. The plot structure, dialogue, description, themes, heroes and villains, and make sure that you're not ignoring flaws that crept into your writing over the years.

There are many basics that get ignored, but Giles is rediscovering them for himself. You should do the same. It's how we, as writers, improve. To follow his progress, check him out on Twitter, and listen to the Beyond the Trope Podcast.

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