Friday, September 11, 2015

RMFW Colorado Gold 2015!

I know we've said it about a zillion times, but creative communities are the bomb. We're gearing up for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold conference that starts this afternoon, and all three of us are psyched.

We got invited to the volunteer party last night and I realized again how incredibly invigorating it is to be around other writers. We weren't even talking writing (for the most part), but I came home actually thrilled to get back to work (you know, if I hadn't gone straight to bed). Just being around other people who love your creative obsession can be enough to revive a fading spark.

I'll be honest, over the last few days, I was starting to dread this conference. Due to a variety of circumstances in my life at the moment, I had started to go into that dark "maybe I'm fooling myself and I'm only writing because I don't know what else to do with myself if I'm not" place. Seriously, I've been writing for so long that I don't know what to call myself if it's not 'writer." But, anyway, hanging out last night around so many other people who are passionate around the written word reminded me that there is reason to what I'm doing, even when I struggle to get words on the page. What that reason is isn't necessarily something I've drilled down into coherent thought yet, but I know it's there.

So, for those of you who are joining us at the RMFW conference this weekend: yay! Track us down and say hi! Come to Tropes 101 on Sunday! Join us at Rock Bottom Brewery on Saturday after the banquet! Enjoy being around so many other word nerds! (Seriously, the social aspect of conferences like this is a huge part of why we think they're awesome.)

If you're not coming to the conference, think about finding one in your area and going. The relationships you can make are invaluable (hey, Beyond the Trope wouldn't be a thing without this conference), and there is always a wealth of great information, both in the workshops and in the halls.

Emily is already tired from one night of socializing, but she's looking forward to seeing more of her writing friends that she only sees once a year. She's also looking forward to rolling up her sleeves and digging into her edits (which is weird). She may or may not be tweeting from the conference over at @EmilyKSinger.

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