Monday, September 14, 2015

Recovering from a Writers’ Conference

When my alarm went off this morning my body, mind, and soul made one sound: BLERG. The thought of dragging myself out of bed to go to work made me laugh. It was that kind of laugh that begins as a giggle and turns into tears. This is what RMFW conferences do to you: they tantalize you with fun, get you excited for a better world, and then dump you on your butt back in real life.

No one tells you that going to a writers’ conference (or any other fun conference) will leave you feeling like your day job is purgatory and your regular responsibilities have no meaning*. It often means coming up with a creative way to move forward without hating your life. I'll be honest: the best way to recover is to mix a little bit of normal life with your writing. Make sure you balance it just enough that you feel like you're not neglecting your bills and chores, but you also are writing a little more than you usually do. Create new, more productive writing habits. Start a new manuscript project. Try something crazy with the book you're stuck on now. No matter what, don't let yourself think you have to leave your excitement at home while you go do other things. 

Here’s how I’m going to recover from the imagination stimulation that was this weekend:

1. My favorite clothes.
Hellooooo skinny jeans and super-soft t-shirt. I love you.
2. Grande double shot dirty chai.
This is the only reason any part of this blog is coherent.

3. Ella and Louis
It’s like pure beauty distilled into musical notes of awesomeness**.

4. Daydreams
Maybe I should apologize to my co-workers now…before anything goes terribly wrong…
5. Writing. Writing. Writing. Writing.
Christopher Walken needed more cowbell. My life needs more writing. 

I love conferences focused on writing because I always leave them looking forward. It’s too easy as a creative person to get stuck on the now.Now I feel discouraged. Now nothing is working. Now I know I’m not even talented.” We need to remember we’re not always writing for the now. We’re writing because the now is always made up of things we can’t see until tomorrow.

Write on!

Michelle is E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D but still writing, so that's a good sign. 

* Unless, of course, you’re one of those lucky people who get to do your dream job in real life.
**I think this is the dirty chai^ speaking. I might need another one.

^Also, why is it a “dirty” chai? That just seems so harsh. So I want extra zip in my drink. You don’t have to call it dirty. Sheesh.  


  1. Yeah. Blerg. Words. Chai. Ugh. I went to Taco Bell. I sobbed into my burrito. True story.

    1. I've had coffee, chocolate covered espresso beans, left-over boneless wings from Saturday's lunch, and a lot of movement at work. I think I'm alive. Capable of functioning. But we'll see how fast I crash when I get home.