Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Skills

One of the biggest things that I've had to develop over the last year and a half is new skills. Some of those skills were simply refinements of talents I already possessed, but I think one of my favorite NEW ability is the one we used in this week's episode. It's not flashy or even that difficult, but that doesn't make it any less impressive in my mind.

This last spring, we participated in Anomaly Con and taught a Tropes 101 workshop. It was the first time any of us taught an actual workshop with real people who could interact with us, and for part of it, we decided to build a story, on the spot, by pulling tropes together with audience participation.

Well, at RMFW's Colorado Gold conference next weekend, we're giving the same workshop. But it's going to be different. Because we're going to create a DIFFERENT story with new tropes. This week's episode is basically practice and a sneak-preview of what we'll be doing next Sunday. And it's one of my favorite recordings.

You see, creating stories is fun. It's one of the reasons I labor through the rough times, the discouragement of rejection, the pain of slogging through the slow parts of a first draft. Creating stories, especially when it's with friends and there's no pressure, is amazing.

And that's the other skill I've developed over the last year: learning how to make friends, even with people I may not have sought out in the past. I may not agree with philosophies, beliefs, or certain aspects of lifestyle, but by creating stories together, I've learned to be part of a community. A community with similar goals. Brothers and sisters in arms who I will, hopefully, work with for a long time.

Giles loves creating stories, especially when they come from ideas brainstormed around a writing table. The larger writing community is important to him, and he's excited to bring new, bigger things to that group of people in the years to come.

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