Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Life in Chaos

Many lives go into chaos when changes are being orchestrated. That's how my life feels right now. My wife and I are starting a business (with partners, but that's as specific as I'll get until there's a real announcement to make), and with me taking college courses this fall, accepting a promotion, trying to write a novel, while putting effort into Beyond the Trope, it's all chaotic.

Post RMFW Colorado Gold, I'm inspired to write. Just like I was every year before now. I'm pushing forward, though not as wide-eyed and dreamy-hearted. I'm excited about my writing, about this blog, and about the episodes we're recording for the podcast.

Most of all, though, I'm busy in my brainspace. That's why I'm actually [grudgingly] excited about my first class this semester. Time Management is something I've been able to fake my way through for many years. The semblance of balance and organization has served me well, keeping me half a step ahead of some of the people I work with, those who struggle to keep up, and the people who don't see my constant missteps. I need to be better organized. My boss sees it, some of my coworkers do, too, and I KNOW my wife recognizes the fact that I'm not perfect.

My recommendation to any of you delightful readers who may be experiencing chaos of your own: take a time management class. Or at least read a time management book. I haven't implemented all of the processes, yet, but those that I'm using have already added time to my day.

How do you manage the chaos? Is this something you're good at? Or are you "faking it until you make it," as they say?

Giles barely managed to make time for this post today. He has so many things he's trying to keep up with, despite a rather clear calendar after the day job. But he's learning valuable skills and lessons that, if at all possible, need to be shared so others have the opportunity to learn, too. If he won't apply it to his life to make drastic improvements, maybe a reader will. Right?

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