Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Some Favorites

We've discussed adaptations before, but talking about books that were turned into movies is a very touchy subject, especially to readers who LOVE their books. Rather than talking about the bad side, though, I'm just going to recommend a few of my favorite adaptations and send you off for a weekend of watching.

First, here are five movies that I love, adapted from books I never read (though I intend to read some of them eventually):

1. High Fidelity (based on the book by Nick Hornby). My all time favorite movie.

2. About a Boy (also based on a book by Nick Hornby).

3. The Bourne Identity (JUST picked up the audiobook for this one and plan on listening to it right after The Maze Runner).

4. Scott Pilgrim.

5. The Princess Bride (Duh! Awesome movie. Just need to get around to the book).

Now, five MORE movies based on books that I HAVE read:

1. Harry Potter (all of them. They're not all great, but I enjoyed the movies and LOVED the books!).

2. Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version. Really enjoyed the book, and this adaptation is fun to watch on Date Night).

3. Ender's Game (I thought the movie was okay, but wished they'd done it differently. SERIOUSLY loved the book, though!).

4. Mockingjay Pt. 1 (the other ones bored me a bit. Didn't hate them, but the third movie is the first time I got REALLY pulled into the film).

5. Interview With the Vampire (movie is pretty good, but the book blew me away).

That's it. That's all you get. Now go read a book and watch a movie.

Looks like readers have something to watch this week. If you have more movies you love, leave a comment or shoot Giles a message on his twitter.

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