Monday, August 10, 2015

Pitch Wars

A writer friend suggested that I should do Pitch Wars this year, so I said, “Maybe! Sounds fun!” and very quickly went to Google to ask it what the heck Pitch Wars is all about. I’d heard of the contest before, but all I knew was that it had something to do with Twitter and pitching manuscripts.

Pitch Wars, it turns out, is pretty dang cool. Published/agented authors mentor unpublished authors with the goal of getting their manuscript ready for agents to fight over. It doesn’t actually occur over Twitter, which is what I thought (not sure how I came to that conclusion). If your manuscript is chosen by one of the mentors, you two spend two months clearing out the dross and polishing it to a spectacular sheen. Then you pitch to agents, which hopefully will lead to a Happily Ever After ending*.

If you need some entertainment, some of the mentors are already pretending to trash-talk one another using #PitchWars. I say “pretending” because everyone is actually very nice and encouraging. There are some hilarious “Send So-And-So This” with terrible plotline ideas. Terrible, but funny.

I’m not 100% sure I’m going to jump into the madness that is Pitch Wars, but I’m definitely leaning toward it. I’m feeling great about my work in progress and there seem to be a few mentors who love YA, superpowers, and dry humor. Either way it’s nearly time to query, and you never know what’ll happen…

What do you think? Are contests like this worth the effort?

Last night Michelle felt really proud of herself for doing an adult-y thing called “Watering the Lawn”. And then it rained. Torrentially.

*Unless you’re one of those “Happy endings are just stories that aren’t finished yet” people, in which case you will hopefully get a Happy For Today ending, which is just as good and probably more realistic. 

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