Friday, August 28, 2015

Creative Differences

I'm a terrible person and only just read Michelle's Monday blog post right before sitting down to write this one. But her footnote made me giggle enough that I thought it was worth dedicating this post to. I mean, kind of. In a way. Not really.

Basically, the low-down: American Gods is one of my favorite books. Michelle reviewed it and didn't like it as much as I did (you can read her review by clicking the link above), then added in her footnote "Please don’t kill me, Emer." While I might jokingly take off her head for insulting my favorites, I don't actually take offense.

Here's the thing: everyone's entitled to their own opinions. Not everyone's going to like the same story or the same movie or the same podcast (but you better like ours, damn it). And that's okay. That's part of what makes creating and consuming art worth the effort. If everyone liked exactly the same thing, we wouldn't need to continue creating or strive to find something new, because everyone would be content with the things that are already out there.

While my co-hosts and I might discuss and disagree on different books/stories or aspects of them, we fundamentally respect each other and our differing opinions (even when we're being sarcastic little jerks to each other). I think that respect of other peoples' thoughts and ideas is something we really need to cultivate more of, both within the creative community and in the world at large. And, yeah, that makes me sound like a total naive optimist, but oh well. I still think it's important.

And, no, Michelle, I'm not going to kill you. But you still need to read the Sandman comics.

Emily gets very passionate about the things she likes and loves convincing other people to read/watch them, even if they don't like it as much. She also enjoys heavy doses of sarcasm, mythology-inspired stories, and comics. She may or may not have been on a rom com binge for the last week. She's certainly not confirming or denying the rumors.

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