Monday, August 3, 2015

Awesome Book Nerd Things!

As co-host of a nerdy podcast and writer of sci-fi and fantasy, I consider it my sacred duty to alert people of awesome things. It’s my pleasure, therefore, to show you the glory that is Litographs.

In case you haven’t seen these super cool t-shirts making their rounds on social media, Litographs is a company that sells merch covered with the actual text of classic literature. Well, I say “classic”, but the books span everything from Frankenstein and Hamlet to The Time Traveler’s Wife and Little Brother. If your favorite book isn’t already a part of their collection, you can vote on titles to be added. If the text isn't part of the public domain, they work with the author to whip something up

Everything you buy is designed by hand, which I just think is really cool. Here are a few of the designs for my favorite books. Can you guess which classics they are?

How has human civilization gone so long without these? Seriously, you all need to go and buy stuff from these guys so we can all gain cool points together.

Michelle's birthday is in October. Just sayin’. 

The Litographs designs shown above are: 

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