Saturday, July 18, 2015

Steam Powered Giraffe

(First off, sorry for being late! I keep having troubles remembering what day of the week it is and, thus, forgetting that it's Friday. Now it's Saturday and, well, better late than never, right?)

Earlier today, I got introduced to another new-to-me nerd rock band: Steam Powered Giraffe. SPG is a steampunk-themed pantomime band--basically, while performing, the band is in character as a troupe of musical automatons. Their music is great (seriously, The Spine's voice is incredible and he has a huge range), with steampunk-inspired lyrics, and catchy tunes. I might have spent most of the morning watching all of their music videos.

I'm apparently late to the SPG party, but I'm in nerdy music love. The band concept is so much fun, 'the bots' do all their own makeup (take a look at it, it's pretty intense), and all of the performers are so dedicated to their characters. I'm seriously hoping they'll come to AnomalyCon one of these days (if they haven't already and I've missed it) so I can nerd out with them.

So, if you like nerd rock, automatons, great vocals, and awesome aesthetics, check them out!

Emily is always looking for great nerd rock and might get a little too obsessed when she finds a sweet new band. If you've got any suggestions, leave them in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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