Friday, July 10, 2015

Dungeons and Drafts

Yesterday, I took the hike with two out-of-town friends up to Fort Collins to check out Dungeons and Drafts. We talked to the founder of this awesome nerd pub at Denver Comic Con this year (you can listen to the episode by clicking here) and all of us Beyond the Tropers were super excited for the idea. I'm sorry I betrayed Giles and Michelle by going without them.

For those of you who haven't listened to the episode yet (what are you even doing with your life?), the general premise behind Dungeons and Drafts is a "sports bar" for geeks--a pub inspired by a medieval tavern from decor to food, complete with nerd jokes on the menu, a huge library of board games, and a friendly atmosphere.

Basically, I wish it was down the street instead of an hour away. The game list is long and diverse, including some of my favorite games (like Tsuro, Takenoko, Smash Up, and Pandemic), and some I'd love to play (like the Firefly game and King of Tokyo). For each game on the list, they describe how tough the learning curve is, how many people can play, and what type of game it is, and the staff is more than willing to help you figure out a game, if necessary.

And the food! The menu itself is pretty small, but the names are wonderful and geeky, and it was absolutely delicious. Even if you don't drink, take a look at the cocktail menu and its nerdy references--you won't regret it.

Basically, Dungeons and Drafts was everything I was hoping it would be from our interview--awesome! If you get a chance to stop in, I highly recommend it. Maybe I'll see you there sometime!

Emily is letting her nerd flag fly and geeking out about all the incredible games she could have played. Too many games, too little time.


  1. I can't believe you betrayed us like this. You traitor.

    1. I'm hurt, seriously. Genuinely stabbed in the heart (metaphorically, but still as painful).