Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I grew up working at conferences and conventions. I never really enjoyed it. It wasn't a negative set of feelings, it was just something I was used to. That was life for me. And the first time I got to work a conference that interested me as a possible attendee, my view on cons changed. No longer was this a job where I worked, got satisfaction from that, then went on my way. I wanted more. I wanted to attend other cons that taught me interesting things. That engaged the parts of my life that got me excited.

Now, every chance I get to go to a con, I want to take it. We've been to three as part of Beyond the Trope, and it's super exciting to engage with listeners. To talk to the people who share our interests enough to listen to us for 20-60 minutes a week. And it's especially exciting to bring in new friends and listeners!

More importantly, it's great to have a chance to geek out about movies, comics, books, and all of the other cool stuff that happens at cons. And to geek out with other enthusiasts. I don't always get into the con's theme as much as the other people around me (I don't cosplay or collect...well, anything), but the enthusiasm is infectious! I love it. When people get excited about something and they come over to our table to tell us about it, even when I'm not feeling well, I love to experience their excitement.

So go to a con. It's fun, educational, and you get to learn new stuff and meet awesome people. Like Aaron Michael Ritchey.

Giles is going to be at the RMFW conference this fall, and he'd love to talk to you if you're there. Say hi if you see him.

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