Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We Interrupt Your Wednesday...

For a VERY special Squee from Giles.

But first...! Some backstory: Growing up, I got to play computer games like The Oregon Trail, Math Munchers, and Star Wars Rebel Assault II. There was a handful of other games I played, but I can't really remember them. When I got older, of course I played Command and Conquer and Warcraft III. The majority of my gaming experience as a kid, though, came from console games. At 5 years old, I got a Super Nintendo. Followed that up with the N64, then the Gamecube.

So I never played Fallout on a PC. Never happened. When Fallout 3 came out for the PS3, though, I started on the franchise. Life will never be the same.

I played through Fallout 3 a couple times, though only beat it once. It was too glitchy on the PS3 to play all the way through more than once, and because of the way they programmed it, adding DLC would've COMPLETELY destroyed the experience.

Then New Vegas came out. I've played through that game so many times, I could see the fake universe better than the real one the last time I visited Vegas.

For Denver Comic Con, I bought a Fallout lanyard to hang my pass from. When I replaced my favorite hoodie (one I'd had since I was 13), I got a Fallout Vault Boy hoodie. I STILL use my Nuka Cola bottle opener that came with the preorder for Fallout 3, and I'm considering the acquisition of a Nuka Cola hoodie.

So when Bethesda announced Fallout 4 this morning, I basically wished my day job would let me sit in front of my computer and watch the trailer on repeat for eight hours. The fact that I'm writing this blog post on my lunch break instead of trying to get another viewing in shows how dedicated I am to Beyond the Trope. If I could quit my job and play Fallout/write Fallout fiction/review Fallout via podcast and blog, I would. THAT is how much I love this universe!

Why? Well, if you don't already know for yourself, the best thing you can do is go get a copy of Fallout: New Vegas and play through. At least once. Because it's all kinds of AWESOME!

Giles can't wait to reenter the post-apocolyptic world of Fallout, even if it DOES take place in Boston, rather than the FAR superior West Coast. Though Fallout in Denver would be rocking, too! He's already coming up with ideas for how to make time to play through this game.

Oh, wait. Isn't this a literature-focussed blog? Oh well.

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