Wednesday, May 27, 2015

World Building Problems

Years ago, I savored world building. The opportunity to info dump all of the fantastic crap I'd dreamed up made me giddy with delight. That's what great stories are made of, right? All of those little details that have nothing to do with the characters or story that make the world SO real!

Now, it makes me cringe. I'm writing this in between a section of my WiP that needs some setting descriptions that are specific to this world, and because there's nothing HAPPENING, it's making me bored. Not a good sign. Except this is the first draft. Where I should be throwing crap on the page with the FULL intent of cleaning it up later.

So what to do with junk? Mental feces? Pathetic minutiae that will neither enhance the reader experience nor add depth to the story itself?

Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to get it on the page. I need these thoughts out of my brain. I have an outline and some characters, and a vague idea of the universe, but some info dumps that I can cut like weeds in a cornfield will actually help to move my story forward. I think.

This isn't necessarily an advice blog, but this post (at least) will contain two tidbits of advice:
1. In the first draft, just write it. You can cut it later.
2. Don't worry about word count.

That's what bugs me. I don't want to waste words on useless crap. It's artificial padding. But I don't want to reach my first draft "goal" with only half the story itself written (a problem I've NEVER had before).

Time to get out of my head and get my ideas on the page, whether good or bad.

Giles is writing a WiP, but it's a new process. He's learned a lot over the years, and he's going to apply what he's learned. The problem is, there's still much more to discover. New techniques to apply. He'll make it happen, but it will take time.

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