Friday, May 1, 2015

The Plotting Pantser

I've always considered myself a pantser. I hate being bound by what my brain tends to see as the 'rock-solid walls' of an outline. I never even outlined essays in school unless I was required to turn one in.

Due to quite a history of not finishing things, I'm trying to shake things up. I got a sweet new novel idea from a class I'm taking at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (seriously, take classes on random things if you're idea-stuck) and, instead of just jumping into a rough draft like I wanted to, I'm taking the time to plan it out.

I started with the "plotting from characters" method we talked briefly about with Angie Hodapp way back at the beginning of the podcast. In the last few days, I've veered off course a little bit and skipped right to writing a huge synopsis. Gasp. For those of you know me, this should be a huge and shocking revelation!

The funny part is that I'm actually kind of enjoying the process. It's nice to see how a story is likely to work, and whether or not it will work before putting in the effort of writing thousands of words to find out that you started in the wrong place. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a plotting-convert yet, but I'm starting to see some merits here.

What about you? Have you ever tried to switch up your writing process--from pantsing to plotting or vice versa? How did it work for you?

Emily is super psyched about the re-branding we're doing and wishes she could have spend this blog post talking about that. But the new look is still pretty top-secret, so she talked actual writing instead.

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