Monday, May 25, 2015

Thank You, Nerds!

This post is going to be quick, because this whole "brain" and "thinking" thing is incredibly over-rated. I mean, really. We shouldn't be expected to return to our normal lives after experiencing the awesomeness that is Denver Comic Con.

I simply want to say, on the behalf of the entire Beyond the Trope team, that we love you. It was amazing to talk to all the glorious nerds who came out for any part of the weekend.

Thank you to Pop Culture Classroom for putting together such an amazing convention.

Thank you to every artist and merchant for offering so many geek-out moments we could hardly contain ourselves.

To everyone we interviewed: wow. You blew our minds with brilliance. We learned so much from you, and I've been sitting here for about ten minutes trying to express exactly how grateful we are. I don't think I can. It was so much fun to spend time with you!

Everything we recorded should appear sometime in the next two months...we hope. There's a lot of content to go through, and we all have these things called "day jobs". Silly, I know, but sadly necessary.

Here's to DCC2015 and the nerds who made it so great!

It took Michelle about a quarter of Pitch Perfect to write this post, because she just... can't...

That and Pitch Perfect is just so awesome.

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