Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Guest Blog! A Word from Author Sue Duff

Denver Comic Con 2015 is coming! Today, Colorado author Sue Duff has agreed to do a guest blog post. Sue has been writing since high school but never became serious about it until a skiing accident laid her up for an entire summer and she turned on the word processor to combat the boredom. A couple of years later, her first urban fantasy novel, Fade to Black, was a finalist in the RMFW Colorado Gold Writing Contest. By day, she’s a dedicated speech-language therapist in an inner city school district to pay the bills but her life as a writer is her true passion and the creative outlet keeps her sane.

I can’t wait for this year’s DenverComicCon 2015!!! Never could I have imagined going to my very first Con in 2014, that I would be one of the featured Colorado authors at this year’s event! Hands=down it will be a highlight of The Weir Chronicles inaugural year, and hot on the heels of releasing the second book in the series, MASKS AND MIRRORS a short six months after the first novel, FADE TO BLACK hit stores in October 2014!

I couldn’t get enough of fantasy and science fiction growing up and spent my youth dreaming of vampires, werewolves, aliens, outer space, evil robots and monsters that were beyond description but oh-so-creepy. Anything speculative fiction could be found under my bedcovers, jammed in my school desk or falling out of my backpack. I could find the speculative fiction section in the library blindfolded, and my bedroom walls were plastered with as many posters as my measly babysitting money could buy.

Combining things that I love has always come easy for me. Not only did I combine fantasy and science fiction into one seamless storyline, but I loved researching every aspect of it! I took Earth and Space Sciences in high school, admittedly to avoid having to take Chemistry. That gutless move introduced me to the quirkiest high school science teacher you would ever want to meet, Mrs. Davies. She opened up my world to the wonders of the planet and beyond the solar system and left me with a life-long love of science—and that learning could be exciting.

Years later, when I sat down at my computer to stave off boredom (or was it to avoid killing my teenager), I drew upon my love of natural sciences and created my world of the Weir, a magical race of Earth’s caretakers who connect the energies of the planet to keep it in harmony. But even magical beings are fallible, and the Weir are dying out. Desperate to save Earth from self-destructing, they turn to modern science in an attempt to stop their extinction. But as we all know, it’s not smart to tweak with Mother Nature!

I hope if you’re in the Denver area over Memorial Weekend, you’ll make the DenverComicCon a stop in your plans. If you pop in, please stop by and say hi at my book signing booth. I’d love to swap favorite monsters with you, or spill some secrets about the Weir!

Book Two of the Weir Chronicles, MASKS AND MIRRORS, is out now! Here's a peek at the plot: 
Ian Black’s commitment to safeguarding Earth has come at a price. His career as an illusionist is at a standstill and attending to the planet’s needs has distanced him from his best friend, his guardians, and the woman he loves. When presented with an opportunity to perform, Ian seizes the chance. But moments before he takes the stage, Ian encounters the mysterious Jaered and a rebel force fighting to protect Earth alongside the Weir.

Jaered is determined to stop a malevolent Weir from releasing a drug capable of wiping out the last vestiges of their race and plunging Earth into self-destruction. But when Jaered is willing to sacrifice an innocent child to obtain the drug for himself, Ian risks everything to uncover the secrets of the rebel forces and their true intentions for Earth’s survival.

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