Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Inspiration comes from many places. I've been writing little pieces here and there for over a year, except for my NaNo project, and I needed some kind of long project to catch my attention. Well, as some of you know, we (Beyond the Trope) went to Anomaly Con last weekend.

With corsets and grand finery all around, I found myself wanting to write a story with that kind of aesthetic. But I like the direction space opera is taking me, so I pulled together those two ideas, and I think I may have something to work with. I'm still exploring the ideas at the moment, but it just goes to show that inspiration is everywhere.

Never let your guard down. If you're writing, keep an open mind. Look for little things that will create sparks of life to a story you may want to work on. It's worth the effort. You may come up with a story that makes you so excited, you put down the TV remote and focus on your computer instead.

Giles loves writing, and the fact that he's doing so much of it lately is more exciting than winning the lottery. Seriously, it's amazing!

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