Monday, March 2, 2015

Interview with Gail Carriger

When Gail Carriger said she'd do an interview with us, we fangirled like the most fangirlie fangirls on the planet. The excitement was well-placed -- Gail is a blast and we had a great time talking with her! In honor of the interview (which will be online tomorrow), here's a tasty appetizer Q&A:
What shoes would you wear to your first day of finishing school?
Red and black wingtip spectators. I'd eschew my normal heels for flats, so I could run and climb. However, I might opt for stilettos if I thought I might have to kill someone with my shoes.  What is your favorite non-writing thing about being an author?Email for readers and socialization with other authors.
If you could make anything work, steampunk or otherwise, what would be your transport of choice? 
Dirigible or airdinghy.

Tell us about fan reaction (support or otherwise) to the Hachette/Amazon situation.
Mostly my readers have been justifiably confused. They generally don't know, or care, what is happening and just want their book on their platform of choice. Frankly, I sympathize with them.

After Crudrat, do you plan on tackling more traditional sci-fi? 
I'd like to write the concluding volume for that series but otherwise, no. In fact, I'm inclined to lean in a more romantic direction.

What’s the one question you never get asked that you’ve always wanted to answer?
What's your favorite soup?

Gail Carriger is a New York Times bestselling author of stupendously witty steampunk books. Download her interview tomorrow to hear more about her love for soup, tea, and all things shoes. 

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