Friday, March 20, 2015

AnomalyCon Preview

As you probably know by now, we're headed to AnomalyCon, Denver's Steampunk and Alternate History Convention, next weekend. What you probably don't know is that we're bringing some awesome stuff to give away.

By 'awesome stuff,' I mean limited-edition hand-made cork magnets with an exclusive AnomalyCon 2015 design. This design will only be available at our booth at the convention this year. Once they're gone, they're gone! We'll do our best to have at least a few available every day of the con, but come find us early to make sure you get your free magnet before we run out!

I mean, who doesn't want this sweet image on their fridge? (Not that I'm considering stealing one of our magnets or anything. What are you talking about?) 

The best part about all of this is that this isn't the only cool thing we're making right now! We're planning on having another run of exclusive, limited-edition giveaways for Denver Comic Con in May. In addition, we're working on a total rebrand of the artwork, logo, and visual feel for the podcast. So keep your eyes open for more artwork reveals, coming your way soon! 

Emily is super excited for AnomalyCon. Then again, she's pretty excited to go to any convention. Come find us, or check out our workshop on Friday afternoon to see her sweet pirate boots. They will also be limited-edition; only available for viewing on Friday and Sunday, due to costume changes.

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