Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yay! Book Recommendations

As many of you have probably heard before, I love mystery. It's what makes writing awesome, in my opinion. Even in romance, the unknown that will be made known is what gets me excited with stories.

This week we talked with Susan Spann about her Shinobi Mystery series. We interviewed her a month ago, and I haven't read the books, yet, but I'm super excited to. In my younger days, I was obsessed with Asian cultures, and media that lets me explore those cultures well is something that I still like to see every now and then.

But more importantly, I don't read enough mysteries. I need recommendations on good books, but what drew me to the Dresden Files was the mystery element (along with all of the other nerdy stuff that's in there). Life is too busy for me to grab stacks and stacks of books to peruse and hope they turn out well. This is why I was SO excited to talk to Susan.

What else should I read? I'm looking for a LIST!

Giles is always on the lookout for new recommendations, and even though he's not obsessed with the Asian cultures as he used to be, he would still enjoy a great book set in Korea, Japan, or Vietnam.

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