Friday, February 6, 2015

The Pros and Cons of Creative Multi-Tasking

We're gearing up for another great recording session tomorrow and I, for one, am so excited! We have three incredible guests lined up (they're still secrets for now, sorry), and some great topics to talk about. I was going to turn this post into a behind-the-scenes look at what we do on recording days, but I did that in April last year, and the process hasn't changed all that much since then. I'm going to take that as a sign that we're doing something at least semi-right.

So, what am I going to ramble about today? The pros and cons of taking on more than one creative project at a time. Because I'm slogging my through trying to polish a novel manuscript for a contest and simultaneously writing a brand new short story for a content call, in addition to podcast work, and trying to make time to dabble in painting again. Basically, I'm a master of taking on maybe a little too much work.

So, let's start with some of the cons of multiple projects: 
  • Making time for all of them can be really difficult 
  • Your to-do list feels completely intimidating 
  • It's really easy to accidentally get your projects mixed up and, say, start writing a character or voice in the story they don't belong in
But it's not all bad and overwhelming. There are some good points to having multiple projects, too:
  • You can bounce from project to project when you're bored or frustrated with one (so you're still getting stuff done on your 'breaks') 
  • You have more to research and jump-kick your creativity, especially if your projects are completely different from each other 
  • Being at different points in the process (getting feedback on one piece and writing a rough on a second, for example) can be a really great creative exercise 
Multi-tasking creative projects isn't for everyone. And a lot of people say it's actually terrible for you and your projects. But I've always been kind of weird, and I find I tend to get more done when I have two or three stories in the works.

Emily doesn't like to brag, but she has about four zillion stories she's started this way and never finished. But she's got great friends to kick her butt and make her get things done now, and it's helped a lot. Follow her procrastinating struggles on Twitter @EmilykSinger.

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