Friday, February 13, 2015

The Importance of Hobbies

If you listened to this week's episode, you know we talked to the incredible Susan Spann this week, about writing historical mysteries and what she does in her free time--raising seahorses and breeding corals. Not exactly the type of hobby you'd expect from a publishing lawyer and mystery writer, right?

Well, that's the entire point of this post! I think it's easy for us creative types to get so absorbed in what we're doing that we forget to do anything else. We take our creative hobby--writing or painting or photography or whatever--and work toward making it 'big' in our field, pouring all our effort into that creative thing. That's not necessarily bad, until you realize that your hobby has become your full-time obsession and you don't have any unrelated hobbies at all!

I think people need breaks from their creative work, especially if they're aspiring to 'make it big' in one way or another. I think we all need some hobby that's completely unrelated to our creative lives and wishes and research. You know, those things you do to relax at the end of the stressful day. For me, it's video games, comics, and text-based roleplay over the internet. Because I'm a nerd. For Susan Spann, it's corals and seahorses.

What are your non-creative hobbies and how often do you actually make time to enjoy them?

Emily is running out of witty, amusing bios for this section, so she'll just leave you with some links to her website and her Twitter account.

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