Monday, February 2, 2015

New Addictions: Web Comics to Make You Happy

For those of us who have to work every day but need something to remind us that there are lovely, good things in the world (like art and words), I've found some new addictions for you: awesome web comics that tell stories. 

Points for: Adorableness. Storytelling. Superpowers.
The low-down: Our favorite DC heroes and villains are in elementary school. ‘Nuf said.

The artist isn’t affiliated with DC, but it doesn’t even matter. His work is exquisite and full of comedic moments (the Flash as a kid…you can’t help but laugh) and some serious stuff, too.


Points for : Art. Art. Art.
The low-down : In the future, 15 year-old Ava Ire is haunted by a demon. And then her life gets worse.

I never get tired of looking at this comic. Sometimes I go back to the beginning and just stare at the first few panels. They are that awesome. The expressions are fantastic – so much emotion in between panels! The story is unique and pulls you in from the very first view.


Points for: Korean mythology. Gorgeous design. Fantastic dialogue.
The low-down: Seoul in the 60s. An ancient Korean fox demon steals the body of a priestess’ sister. The priestess teams up with a Christian missionary/military vet to hunt down the demon.

You tell yourself you’re just going to look at a few panels, and then you blink and you’ve spent half an hour reading through as much as you possibly can. It’s that pretty.  


Points for: Magic. Quirky stylized art. Cool protagonist.
The low-down: The earth is stuck half in day and half in night, and the night creatures are starting to creep into the day. The only people who can stop them are casters, but not all of them are the most talented...

One minute you think you’re looking at a master…and then you realize that he’s kind of not the best at his job. In fact, he tends to make things worse. It leads to some awkward/funny/cool situations. Also there is a dead guy who talks. Yeah, I know. Pretty sweet.


Hey! Do you have any web comics to add to the list?

Michelle judges comics by art first and then by words, which is flip-flopped from how she judges pretty much everything else in the world. She’s very judge-y. Judgy? Judgey? Ugh. Nevermind. 

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