Monday, February 16, 2015

Finish All The Books!

When I think about 2nd grade, a small handful of things come to mind:
  1. The class snake escaping and being found with his tongue stuck to a roll of Scotch™ tape.
  2. Playing “court” during recess and always wanting to be the lawyer.
  3. Smuggling in a toy horse from home to keep me company during the day.

 But most of all I remember that in 2nd grade, I didn’t finish a book. *GASP*

I don’t remember the title, but there were Indians and settlers and some kind of trouble. It was dull. I read the first chapter, make a “What?” face, and put the book back on the shelf.

The next week, I could have sworn that book was giving me the evil eye. It just sat there, all lonely on the shelf, wondering why I didn’t want to finish it. Yup, you’ve got that right – little second-grader Michelle felt guilty for not finishing and loving a book. 

To this day, the thought of not finishing any book right away makes my skin feel all creepy-crawly. Except for that book in second grade, there’s only one other book that I have never finished, and – big surprise – I can’t remember the title of that one, either! There was a hero, a fantasy world, an epic adventure to go on…and I just didn’t buy it.

So that’s it. In my life, I have permanently put down a grand total of two books. Two. I used to think this was normal until I talked to other voracious readers and discovered that most people actually don’t do what I do. I think they’re weird, they think I’m weird. It’s a great relationship.

Now, the real question is this: WHY the heck do I make an effort to finish every single book? For one, I’m curious. I want to know if the author tries anything fresh or exciting. There’s another part of me that is incredibly stubborn and gosh dangit if I open it I’m going to read the whole dang thing. So there.

But most of all – and this is a sentiment that has mostly surfaced in the past few years – I want to be able to craft a well-thought-out, logical review. When someone asks me what I didn’t like about a book, I don’t want to say, “Well, the first chapter was boring so I didn't give the rest a chance.” I like pushing through, then looking back and knowing exactly what about a book worked for me and what didn’t.

How about you? Do you finish every book you begin?

You can find Michelle writing reviews for every book she reads on Goodreads, but if she’s not there, she’s probably sitting in her car and listening to the last few seconds of her latest audio book addiction.   

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