Wednesday, February 4, 2015


My brain hasn't been working over the last few days. Almost a week, really. I got sick over the weekend, and even as I sit and type this, I'm wondering what the post will actually be about.

I'm working on a new project, which is exciting. But as I sit down and outline, I'm not sure if I want to make the story go the direction it's going. On the other hand, I'm super excited to see that this book ISN'T about what I thought it would be about. (Ignore the poor grammar of that sentence.)

As we discussed a few weeks ago, writer's block (which is basically what my brainlock is) is largely psychosomatic. The proof? I'm typing and coming up with stuff to talk about for the blog.

Anyway, I'm going to have a chance to workshop this new project with some other people before I sit down and do my in-depth outline. A process I've never really done before. I'll workshop at times to get some basic ideas, but it's mostly throwing thoughts at my friends and seeing what they think about them. This is going to be much more formal. And I really like that.

Workshopping stories is one of my favorite parts of writing. That initial stage of planning out what a story is going to be, all the way up to finding out what that story actually IS. It's like discovering a person. First their just an embryo, but over the course of many, many years, they develop and change until they become someone with complexity, hidden depths, and personality. Sure, a book isn't a person, but at times, it feels like it has a life of its own. The story, how it changes, even through the brainlock, is special.

And even though this is quite a rambling post, I'm going to leave it there. I'm sure if I were to try to develop this more, the addled part of my still-sick brain would just turn it into mush.

There's mush between those ears. Ignore it. Brain will be back next week to spew forth something more meaningful.

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