Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Options a Writer Has

This is our second week discussing Amazon's Kindle Scout, and this week in the podcast, we looked at the contract from a novice writer's perspective. I recommend listening to both episodes, and keeping a lookout for episode 3 in February where we talk to Susan Spann about the actual user agreement.

Until then, consider this: as writers, many of us are looking for more options. Ways to get our books out in front of readers. If this means we choose to self-publish, pitch to small-press, or stick with the traditional agent-then-big 6 route, it's still nice to know there's more than one way to pursue our dreams.

Amazon's Kindle Scout is definitely another option. As of right now, it's too early to tell if it's a good one or a bad one, but a listener wrote in last week and told me that, so far, he's had a great experience working with the people over at Scout. I'll save the details for later (when he has more information to share), but while it may appear, at face value, to either be the Golden Answer (whatever that means) or the Great Destructor, it seems to be neither. So far.

This is going to come across as very wishy-washy, but I want to leave the discussion here. Competition often helps writers and readers, and it often hurts them. The landscape is changing so much that making a prediction would be a waste of time. Right now, I want to keep an eye on the situation and keep talking about it as new information becomes available.

Giles has never been a prognosticator, despite the pointy hat. He simply tries to understand the direction of the business based on previous events in similar industries (like the digital revolution in the music industry). Take everything he says, both here and on Twitter, as opinion mixed with a touch of insider wisdom (again from the music industry).

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