Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Gauging Success

What is success? What is failure? For many people and many situations, that depends on perspective. As Emily mentioned last Friday, January 18th was the first anniversary of our first recording date. February 25th is when we "officially" went live.

Would I consider this first year of ours a success? Yes, for many reasons, but specifically for two: One, we lasted the year and came through it with a desire to create MORE content rather than call it quits. Two: since we weren't exactly sure what goals to set, our goals were very minimal. I can't even remember what all of them were. Which means I don't know if we met them. However, (and this is the actual reason) we learned a LOT! We learned how to produce content. How to build relationships with people. How to interview guests and make sure the conversation is worth listening to.

There are many more goals for the next year, but as with many enterprises, those goals are moving targets. We're going to constantly reevaluate them to make sure they're reasonable, achievable, and (even if they're very difficult), we're going to pursue them to make sure Beyond the Trope is around for quite some time. Hopefully.

Thank you, everyone, for listening and joining in. My only request is that you continue to spread the word. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell random strangers on the street. You're as much a part of our success as any other reason I could list.

Rocket boots and magic books. The very essence of what Giles loves in literature. Remember when life was dull? Giles does. And a year into Beyond the Trope, he still doesn't miss it.

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