Friday, January 23, 2015

Freak Out

This year is going to be huge. I can feel it.

At Beyond the Trope, we'll be talking to some incredible authors over the next few months. I can't, unfortunately, announce just who yet, but it's going to be amazing. Two of them are on my list of all-time favorite authors ever. (We already talked to Giles' all-time favorite author ever, so it's time Michelle and I got the same deal, right?)

I've also got the chance to meet another of my all-time favorite authors through my day job and the Pen and Podium series here in Denver later this year. I'm going to actually get to shake his hand and have a conversation!

Honestly, I'm hoping I can just keep myself composed for all of this instead of melting into a big ball of squealing fangirl.

That's the thing about doing something like a nerdy writing podcast: if you really put your back into it and take chances and have an awesome group with you, you can open doors you never even thought to look for on your own.

So, thanks to Michelle and Giles and The Other Emily for helping to make this a thing. And thank you to all of our listeners and friends and supporters, and all the awesome people who have come on the show to talk to us so far. I know we've said it a lot recently, but we really do appreciate you and we wouldn't be where we are or staring down the sweetness of the next few months without you!

Emily may or may not have taken this post as an excuse to brag vaguely about the awesome things she'll be doing this year. She may or may not be a little bit sorry about it.

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