Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This week we shared our writing resolutions. Spoiler alert: I said my resolution was to finish my NaNo novel. We recorded back on November 4th, and I was loving my idea, my progress, and the fact that I had a new project.

But I have a confession to make: I'm not going to finish that book. It turned out to be a book more about the setting and technology than the characters or story. I learned something in that: a great book needs to be about the people living the story, regardless of where they are.

While I would love to say that this story could be fixed, I know enough about writing (and my own abilities as a writer) to know that the story itself is, at best, a novella. And not a good one. Definitely not worth the months it would take to turn it into something that I would enjoy.

So that's my confession. I said I was going to finish a book, but it's not going to be that book.

In other (awesome) news, we've expanded our distribution! Now, not only can you get us on iTunes, we're available through Stitcher, too! And we have some awesome new things coming out in the near future. Keep an eye and ear out for all of them.

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