Friday, January 16, 2015


Sunday, January 18th is the one-year anniversary of our first recording day for Beyond the Trope--the day we sat down to iron out details, find a name for our podcast, and recorded our first three episodes.

It's had to believe it's been a year already. We've come so far from just a vague concept developed before a critique group meeting. We've talked to some incredible people, discussed fascinating subjects, and grown closer as a group.

And the best part is there's only more awesomeness to come! Already this year, we've recorded some great episodes with Susan Spann, interviewed the fantastic Gail Carriger, and have a handful of other incredible authors lined up for the next few months (we're so excited, but we can't make an official announcement yet). Basically, this year is looking like it'll be incredible and we're only halfway through January.

So, happy one-year recording anniversary to Beyond the Trope! Thank you so much to all of our listeners and your support through this year. We hope you're looking forward to our second year as much as we are!

Emily's kind of psyched we've made it a full year with this big, strange podcast thing. She's thrilled to have such great friends in Giles and Michelle, and she can't wait to see what cool things we all get to do in the future.

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