Friday, December 12, 2014

Guest Blog: Bwillett Talks Holidays and Comics

Bwillett again, and thanks again to the good people of Beyond the Trope for their awesome opportunity to write for their blog. 

I love the holidays. Starting from about the first week of September when the back-to-school stuff is shipped off and the black and orange decorations are brought out, to the prematurely displayed Christmas stuff, I can't shake the goofy smile on my face. And like every nineties kid I grew up watching just about every animated Christmas special (and the even rarer Halloween specials) known to man, from the original Simpsons' Christmas special with Santa's Little Helper to every possible iteration of Dickens' The Christmas Carol. 

As such, I have a certain fondness for comics and cartoons that continue the tradition and attempt to incorporate the holidays into their story. I would love to do the same thing, but web comics are a hard thing to coordinate with any given holiday. Mostly this is due to the kookiness of an update schedule. When you release a page a week, or even do monthly updates of entire chapters, it takes incredibly good timing, or even putting your regular story line on hiatus in order to make it work.

Which is why, despite my affection for all things holidays, I rarely incorporate the current holiday into my story line. It's sad, I know. While for Midnight Menagerie, my horror series, Halloween will be a reoccurring theme, the first Halloween-based chapter won't show up for at least another two years (like I said in my earlier entry, when you do web comics get ready to plan things out long term). Instead, to celebrate the holidays I usually just produce some festive art. Between running two active series, commissions, paid projects and the day-to-day nuisances of real life, sometimes that's all I really have time for. 

But by all means, if you little miracle workers can find time to have your characters celebrate a holiday beyond embarrassing them in dorky costumes (as I am wont to do) go forth and be well.

Bwillett lives and works just outside of Denver, where she reinvents genres and character tropes in her web comic series. She does all of her own writing, art, and post-production work (whew!). And in photos she poses with a squirty toy fish named Icthyus Ignatius Bonaparte Fisherton III. Seriously, you just can’t beat that. Her work is a fantastic blend of anime and Western styles, and lovers of 90s-era anime will find a kindred spirit in Bwillett’s creativity. You can find her online at, on Facebook at /BwillettComics, and on Twitter at /BwillettComics

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