Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brain Drain

With NaNoWriMo officially behind me, I feel comfortable in saying that my brain is melted. In January, I'll go over more specifics of what I learned throughout November, but for now, let me say that it was a lot of work that taught me many great things.

I'm back to working on my "finished" novel. I say "finished" because, in it's current state, it is polished and something I would be proud to send out, if asked. I'm working on it, though (in a new document), to see how I can improve the opening pages. With previous books, this would be the point where I look at it and say, "This is done. I'm not submitting it anymore, time to go in a trunk."

But now that I've returned to it, with more than a month between even thinking about it, I believe there's still something there worth working on. In the last two days, my going has been slow. My mind is still in "first draft" mode from NaNo, but as I recollect my brain, I know I'm going to get moving in a hurry.

There could be a lot more worth exploring in this post today, but as it's Wednesday, and (as previously mentioned) my brain is draining, I'm going to leave it there. Go check out Epic Rap Battles of History if you want something cool to do in the meantime, and we'll see you on Friday!

Blah blah blah, blah blah, argle-blargle, duh. Something something, musings of broken brain, blah blah blah.

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