Monday, November 17, 2014

Creative Community

I never thought that one of the things I would love most about writing and being creative is talking to people. Ten years ago I was fairly certain I would become a gazillionaire, buy a cozy cabin in the Alps, and never need to talk to people ever again.


Not only does the creative community make writing more fun, it supports all the highs and lows a writer goes through. We each would love to make it on the bestseller lists, but if one of our colleagues gets there instead, we know how to celebrate. Won an award? Let’s have a party. Got an agent? We’ll make you cake. Hit a word count goal? We’ll drink to that.

The creative community is phenomenally friendly. Just check out the interviews we’ve done with writers, directors, artists, and beyond. These hard-working souls are incredibly busy, and the mere fact that they responded to a request for an interview makes me feel all glowy inside. And we didn’t have to do anything fancier than ask for some talk time*.

We Americans tend to glorify fame and forget that behind every famous person is…a person. I used to approach interviews with an awed "Oh, my gosh, I am so unworthy" kind of attitude. Now that I've done a few, though, my feelings are much more accurately described as, "Oh, sweet, another fun person!" Of course, that doesn't keep me from getting just a tiny bit nervous. I do want to leave them with a good impression, after all. 

The point is, the more I get to talk to other creative peeps, the more I like people and the more I realize that I could never hide myself a way in a hermitage – I would miss out on way too many cool things from really interesting people. 

Of course, I still want that cozy Alpine cabin. Please.

Michelle likes to ask quirky questions during interviews, so if you are ever on the other side of the conversation, you might like to be prepared to talk about your dinosaur counterpart, your most-repeated jokes, and what your favorite shoes look like.

* “Ask” as in “beg”, really. And make expert-level puppy dog eyes. Just kidding! We’re just so nice, how could you not want to talk to us? 

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