Friday, November 14, 2014

Chemistry Club in Concert!

Last night, Michelle, Giles, and I braved the frigid cold to see Chemistry Club in concert. If you listened to episode 24 of Beyond the Trope, you heard us interviewing the band (and you've heard snippets of their awesome music in several episodes since).

I have to say, I love seeing live music--and it's a bonus if you kind of know the band! Chemistry Club has a great on-stage presence, with lots of energy and a super-fun performance. If you get the chance, I definitely recommend hitting up one of their shows!

Like maybe the release party for their new album on December 5th. We're incredibly excited for their new album--which is going to be the beginning of a scifi concept album (aka a scifi story told through music, with some comics on the side). Epic science fiction told in music? What more could genre-loving nerds like us ask for?!

To sum up, Chemistry Club is great--great guys, great music, great shows--and you should totally check them out and come to the release party next month. We'll probably be there, too.

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