Monday, November 10, 2014

5 Reasons I Need to Buy More Books

For those of us who need excuses to justify our addiction, here’s a short list of reasons why I should definitely jump over to my local bookstore with a wad of cash in hand:

1. My house could look like these heaven-sent photos: 

 Images from (yes, that’s the actual name of the actual site)

2. I would learn to recognize SO MANY MORE emotions

Image from

3. Having more books will make me cooler. 

Image from Google…because apparently memes aren’t easy to track down.

4. My brain will make giant leaps in creativity.

Image from

5. Owning and reading more books will give me the ultimate power over other readers’ happiness

Image from

So there you have it. If I buy more books, my house will be awesome, I will be in touch with my emotions, I'll be super cool and creative, and I will be all-powerful. Please excuse me while I go indulge in my book addiction. 

Image from

Michelle is a registered book addict at her local library. Her current addictions include audio books, Harry Dresden, and Jasper Fforde. She finds the best therapy for book withdrawal is dark chocolate.

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