Wednesday, October 8, 2014

This Season

I could get really profound and talk about how I'm about to turn thirty, I'm looking to the future, and I want to pursue a great "coming season" of my life.

That's not what this post is about. I love autumn and winter. They are my two favorite seasons. In fact, if we could skip spring and summer two out of every three years, I'd be ecstatic. Fall is awesome because the leaves are changing, the weather is crisp but sometimes still warm, and I have an excuse to wear a hoodie (which would've meant more a few years ago when I still had my favorite hoodie). I also love the approaching holidays.

I'm not big into halloween, but I enjoy some of the decorations, the parties where I get to hang out with friends, and all of the pumpkin coffee, pastries, egg nog (I LOVE PUMPKIN EGG NOG SO MUCH!!!). I even enjoy a good pumpkin beer now and then.

But after halloween, it's time to gear up for Thanksgiving and Christmas! And the food. OH! The food! My best friend is a chef, and he makes the best Thanksgiving ham I've ever had (because turkey is so passé). It's a chance to reflect on the year, spend time with friends, and enjoy the fact that the 100 degree weather (which didn't really happen this year) is DEFINITELY over.

Personally, I'm gearing up for this season by brewing beer and preparing gifts. Thinking of ideas for things to buy people. That usually includes books. This week, we talked about a few awesome books that would make great gifts, but since it's not quite Christmas shopping time, go buy them for yourself. You need something new to read (as we all do), and you'll be cheating yourself if you don't enjoy a mug of tea or cocoa or coffee with the changing leaves outside and a book in your lap.

Giles enjoys fall and winter because some of his best memories took place in those seasons. He's talking about it today because he's thoughtful about this time of the year.

Go figure.

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