Friday, October 17, 2014

Ode to Fall

Fall is my favorite season. I love the way it smells here in Colorado, and the crisp weather (you know, when it's not swinging back into summer every other day), and the pumpkin-flavored everything. There's something inspiringly beautiful about the way the leaves change, and how they crunch underfoot.

In most mythologies, fall is the time when the sun and/or the god of light dies or retreats into darkness. In the Norse myths, it's the time when Baldr is slain by the mistletoe dart (there are debates as to whether or not the trickster god Loki was actually involved; it's an interesting linguistics conversation, if you're interested). In Celtic myth, Lugh is slain by Balor of the evil eye, to be reborn again in the spring. (There are more stories of the sun god's death throughout the world, but those are the two I know well enough to rattle off without thinking too much.)

Halloween started as a celebration of the dead, a remembrance of our ancestors. It still has remnants of that ritual, though we've moved onto worshipping candy and creative costumes.

Fall is a time of death, but we know it will lead into rebirth and renewal by the spring--and that's part of what makes it beautiful. It's like that time when you're on the verge of finishing a project and preparing to lay it aside for a while before jumping into edits. It's a time to look at what we've accomplished over the last year and finish laying in supplies to carry us over into next year.

I've got Avengers-shaped cheese nips, a stock of comics and books to read while it snows, and two manuscripts to finish; what've you got?

Emily did her best to keep her mythology obsession out of the blog, but it just seeped through. When she's not podcasting, writing, reading, or goofing off on Twitter as @emilyksinger, she's probably staring wistfully out the window and imagining different worlds. Because what else is a girl going to do when her imagination won't shut up?

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