Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Beginnings

A few months ago, I started free-writing a book that I really liked. A few weeks into that, I realized I needed to outline the book. I didn't want to give up on it, so I went out of my way to give it the best shot I could. That required writing a brief outline that I will now follow to the end. Ish. I'll make some twists and turns, and it'll look different by the end. But it gives me a chance to finish the book!

That's something I learned over the years. On our feed, you'll notice that this week we talk about my first novel. My trunk novel. It was awful. In no small part because I didn't have an outline. Not a good one, anyway.

Every time I finish a book, failure or success, it gives me the chance for a new beginning. I take what I learned from the last manuscript and see how it can apply to my next one. That cumulated knowledge will eventually propel to a successful career (what that looks like is a different topic that may only be discussed in hind-sight).

What do your new beginnings look like? Have you started something lately? Do you remember your first beginning?

Giles is trying to keep all of his geese in the air, but juggling isn't his forte. He still managed to put together a post today, however short!

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